Seoul Day 2

This is Gyeongbokgung, it's the most popular temple in Seoul. dscf0406.JPG




This is the reenactment of wedding ceremony of the emperor. It was two hours long and I left Dan there while I went and got something to eat and shopped.


We caught this parade that had a lot of traditional Korean costumes. I have a video of this that I'll upload later.



There is a horror movie that is now just being released in the States called The Host. It takes place in Seoul right here on the Hong river. We hadn't seen the movie before we went to Korea but Dan wanted to check out the river. We thought about taking a river boat but they were too cheesy and too long. We ended up renting a paddle boat and that was a lot of fun.

It was beautiful and a little unnerving. You can tell the river is really deep and wide. After a while I was kind of getting freaky about it and we went back to shore.

In Korea they have these things called DVD Bang. It's like a video store where you rent the video and a room to watch it in. Which was perfect for us. After a long day of sightseeing it's really nice to relax and watch a movie. They have all sorts of Korean and American movies to choose from. The first night we wanted to see the Host but the Bang we went to didn't have it on DVD. So we got a Korean romantic comedy that I had heard about from my first trip. It was cute but the subtitles weren't translated very well.

So AFTER going to the river we found a Bang that had the Host and rented it. I am SO GLAD we saw it after see the river. It's so scary. It was shot right where we were paddling in the swan boats. It's about a creature that lives in the Hong river. It's a great movie if you like horror movies.

The guy working the Bang was very nice. I don't think he spoke much English but he was showing us other Korean films that we might like. I think he was surprised that we knew about the Host. Oh and it was 2 am at this point and we were kind of out of it but we had a good time.



This is a couple that cornered us in their swan boat and started taking picture of us. The kept bumping into our boat and laughing. They asked us where we were from and apologized for the shootings at Virginia Tech in very broken English.



At one point there were two separate couples who had us cornered and were taking pictures of us. It was all in good fun but a little weird. It looked like in one of the boats it was a young couple and their parents in the back. Everyone was giggling including me.



There is a shopping district that has these huge malls that are open until five am. So at 2:30 am we went there. I was so tired at this point and Dan was looking for a piece of electronics and they only sell clothes in this section of town. We had to get up the next day at 6 so I decided to just stay up. It was a little rough but we made our flight.