Hair Dye

I have the winter blaaaahs.

I met with my neighbor today and it was really interesting.
A couple of weeks ago I brought her an article that my Mom sent me about Blythe dolls.
They have a renewed popularity in Japan and America since a company started to make them again.

Yumiko was interested in this and did some research on the dolls and also shared with me the Japanese version of Barbie, Licca-chan. When Barbie was first introduced in Japan they thought she looked too adult so they made this doll with more child like features. I told her that in America there was movement to make Barbie reflect the more ethnically diverse population and if there was any concern for that here. I’m not sure she really understood what I was saying. All the dolls here are Caucasian and don’t look Asian.

For some reason hair dye has been a popular subject for us lately. It’s a recent trend in the last ten years for young Japanese people to dye their hair. A lot of schools use to have rules that your hair had to be black. It was also common for older woman whose hair was turning white to dye it brown. When it first became popular to start dying your hair brown she had a hard time understanding why. I told her all the different colors that I have dyed my hair and she thought that was funny.

Here is a line of hair dye that uses Blythe dolls.



She asked what color my mother’s hair was. I told her that her that my mom dyes her hair brown to cover the gray. Sorry Mom, I hope that’s not embarrassing. But it brought up a really good point. Yumiko didn’t know what I meant by gray. She asked, White? I said no gray. She asked me to find a color to show her in the house. In Japan their hair doesn’t turn gray it turns white. I had never thought about it before. Sometimes you get white hair and sometimes it’s gray. She hadn’t realized this either and we both agreed that it’s a good thing for us to visit each other and learn about other cultures. This sounds like an after school special but it was really fun.