Great advice

On Illustration Mundo there is a great interview with Jon Klassen.I really like this quote he said about style.

"I think its good to keep a loose reign on your style and focus on what you want to think about. People often mistake approach for style, but there’s a big difference. If you work on how you approach or explore a subject in your head, how you solve a problem, then you won't get caught thinking up something that doesn’t fit your style, because the idea is the style."

It expands on the idea of style that I talked about in an earlier post. Solving the problem is the most important thing. or is it? Style is so tricky because it's what draws people into your work. But how you are directing the viewer and representing your ideas is also important. I guess that's why people debate if something is good art if it's purely decorative.

Any way. Here is the piece that got into the Society of Illustrators Illustration West 47!!! 587306626_747da23f5f_o.jpg