Yesterday our dear lovely Mustapha had to be put to sleep.katenmus.jpg

I remember the first time I met Mustapha. I went to Fuzzy's apartment so that he could help me with my taxes. We sat down at the dining room table and this cat was running around and wouldn't get off the table. fuzzynmus.jpg

When I saw the little white tip on his tail I was completely derailed. I couldn't focus on taxes because this cat had a white tip on his tail.

I have one single pint glass left from the time he lived with me. If you left any sort of glassware out it was his duty to knock it over.

He also broke my Hello Kitty alarm clock, a glass that held my Q tips and a little gargoyle. He claw destroyed my my Queen Bee bag and my luggage. But I still loved him.

His bright pink nose got pale when he was tired. So if you laid down on the couch and ignored him he would come and sleep with you. kittywig.jpg

When I had really short hair he would sit on the back of the couch and lick my hair.

He liked to sit on the shower rail while you showered. When I walked underneath him he would playfully swipe at my head. m_shower.jpg

He's one of those cats that insist on waking you up no matter what. I just remember one morning when I was so determined to sleep in that I cocooned myself in a sheet. He lay on top of the sheet, on my face, flat on his back, purring loudly, happy as a clam.

I spent some time with him a couple of weeks ago.

He sat on my lap while we watched TV. I was eating ice cream and accidentlly dripped some on him. So he got to have a little treat.

I'm going to miss you Mustapha.