Comic book Weekend Saturday

comiccon.jpg On Saturday I went to Comic con/Wizard World.

To be honest I didn’t really want to go.

Five years ago I went to GenCon and that was enough.

But Dan was really into it and we ended up having a good time, of coarse. We always do. Lot’s of costumes. Lots of geekin out.

Saw some unexpected familiar faces.

Justin asked me why I looked familiar. I don’t really think we hung out in college but it’s such a small school everyone knows sort of knows one another. I don't know his last name?- but he's part of Tastes Like Chicken. Wayne chingsang? Anyone anyone? There are people who know.

I’m so akward and terribly bad at small talk I hope I wasn’t rude. We stopped at his booth to look at the artwork because Dan had bought some for a friend. And that artist, Erik Rose, is illustrating the comic that Justin wrote that comes out in August and that's awesome.

I also saw Andrew Bawidamann (also from college) but was too shy to talk and there was a crowd around him.

We also stopped and talked to Gordon for a little bit.

We stopped to talk to Gene Ha and he offered to do a quick sketch if we could get his pencils that he left at the Marvel booth. Done and Done.