Comic book Weekend


On Friday night we went to a little workshop with Jessica Abel and Matt Madden at Chicago Comics.

They just published a textbook on making comics. Now comics aren't really my thing. I admire comics but I have my own mountains to climb. The time involved is impressive and I admire it but it's never been my main thing. Although I've dabbled.

It was interesting. We did a jam comic with restrictions, like, start the comic on the last panel and each subsequent person has to build the story.

The sucky part was that we were sitting on the floor (I was in a skirt). Even after living in Japan I don't do floor sitting. The next day I bent over to pick something up and there was a painful slip back there. Nothing major but still, no floor sitting.

The other thing we did was a comic with no pictures. Now I was done at this point. Ready for dinner and a chair. So I pooped one out. A comic that is. And it follows my untested theory that when you stop trying that's when you produce stuff that people like. They picked mine to talk about. Which I have to say was nice because I was becoming a grumpy pants.

I don't have the comic to show because I ran out as soon as I could.