Liz Phair

We went to see Liz Phair at the Vic. She played the Exile from Guyville album. I remember when I was in high school asking for the album for Christmas because Sassy magazine recommended it. I got it on cassette and at first didn’t get into it. But a year later I listened to it and Loved it! I haven’t heard it in years and it still sounded good. I bought WhipSmart and liked it and that’s when I lost interest. I kind of missed the whole “everyone hates her she sold out-now she sucks thing”. What ever.

The night before the concert I stayed up late with Dan watching the end of season one of Dexter.

I was so so so tired the next day and extremely grumpy. It’s my own fault, I should have gone to bed. But we got there early and got a SEAT! I’m old I need a seat for a concert.

She looked smoking hot – So hot you asked, what age is she? My god –even after a child?- wow.