Drama Girls

The Drama Girls show was last week and it was so much fun. Everything about it was so cool. The sets, the music, the girls, everything. Over all the most moving thing about this experience is how I look at forming friendships.

Just showing up and doing the projects with her wasn't enough to form a friendship. It's when we meet up to go to the zoo or see a play that the real bond started to happen. She just blossomed when I spent time with her.

Sometimes I really didn't want to put in the extra time. It meant sacrificing a Saturday of sleeping in and and doing laundry. But putting in that extra effort made a huge difference in how she felt and that was worth it.

I couldn't call and cancel at the last minute cause I just didn't feel like it. That was the sort of behavior that we were suppose to teach them wasn't acceptable.

I was hurt if I cleared my scheduled, hauled my butt out of bed early and drove for 45 minutes to meet her and she didn't show up. Annoyed that she didn't understand that I have THINGS TO DO but I'm here for you.

I just can't help but think about how this applies to my adult friendships.

In the land of email and text messages, so often we just aren't there.

I am definitely guilty guilty in this department but I struggle against it.

How often have you left emails unanswered, received a gift and didn't thank the person who sent it or said that you were going to be there and just didn't show up Or better yet canceled at the last minute.

It's so easy. You call and say we aren't coming. You can do it from any where.

I know this is sounding preachy but I think it's worth thinking about. Trying to not be lazy in our friendships. Making an effort. Showing up even when it's a bit of a hassle because it means so much to that person.

Okay I'm done. I doubt that anyone even made it to the end of this post. No reads anymore either. :)

The photos below are taken by Michelle Alba and Tricia Fleischer


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