6 Weird Things about me.

I was tagged by Claire to share six things about my self.So here they are.

If I'm eating candy at a leisurely pace, I'll line them up in rainbow color order. A lot of times I'm scarfing the candy down so I don't line them up. They line themselves up in my stomach


I sweat a lot in my sleep. I've been known to change my clothes in the middle of the night. There is nothing medically wrong with me. The doctor thought it might be from stress.


I have a dance called the "pants dance". Only a select few have witnessed it and were never the same again. I also have another dance called "throw it in". Inspired by all the things I'm allergic to.


I love sesame seeds and the flavor of sesames. They have black sesame ice cream here in Japan. I'll put sesames on anything but citrus fruit. I like sesames with a little peanut butter and honey.

I also have a imaginary character called sesame cloud. When ever I get irritated by someone he comes along and gives them a sesame coating. Well, first he misted them in warm butter so the sesame sticks then he sprays them.


My stomach makes the most interesting noises. Really loud and distracting. I don't quite know how to describe it.


Any conversation can easily be derailed if my cats chin come up. Beatrice cat has the most delicate chin. Sigh.


Now you're suppose to tag six other people to do this but I don't really know six other people who blog. I could tag Kenner but he might just write a irritated post about how he hates being tagged so we'll just let him off the hook on this one but I do need to email him about this business opportunity I have.

So Erica, Fuzzy and Dan

And Tricia.