I'd like you to meet Pringle(glasses), Clover(girl) and Bow (Bow Bow Mitten Socks the little cate). I'm excited about these little guys. Pringle is someone I came up with a few months ago and I really like him. There is something so great about working in black and white.

S. Britt wrote a bit on his blog of his love of simplicity. It's something I struggle with. a_monkeypoot.gif

I love simple things but I also love pattern and texture of paint and a solid value structure.


I'm still trying to figure out how to combine the two in a way that works for me. Or rather arrive at a consistancy so that when someone hires me, they know what they are going to get.

I keep leaning toward the simple which I think some people have a harder time getting. True simple can be interesting but it's hard to make simple interesting. I compare it to a simple house with well placed pieces of art and furniture. Anyone who tries to keep a tidy house knows that a lot of work goes into keeping it that way.