New Blog, new post

Hey,Here's my spiffy new blog. Nice, heh. So last weekend we went skiing in Niseko. Bry, a fellow JET of Dan's kindly drove us up to Niseko. She's not in any of the photos because she's way more experienced than Dan or I. She was somewhere on the top of the mountain snowboarding fresh powder among the trees.

So these photos can be divided into two sections. Before and After. Before the scary moments when we accidently skied onto an advanced trail and I sat there almost in tears unsure of how I was going to get down off the mountain.

And after that.

This is where Dan had to use all his charm to convince me that, yes, we're having fun and skiing is fun and we still have a day and a half of ski gear rental time to use.











AFTER What happened was this. After skiing the very beginner beginner hill we wanted to try something a little more challenging. A little. Well, the map showed a run that start way up the mountain. It was marked "beginner". All the runs criss cross and aren't marked so you had to know where we were going. The "beginner" run was a little advanced for us but we did it.

At one point the trails crossed and I went down a advanced hill. I immediately wiped out. A kind skier stopped and made sure I was okay. I then slid down on my butt thinking I would just do that but it was so high and steep that it really wasn't a possibility. So I just sat there. I almost cried but didn't. Dan found me and we tried to walk up the mountain. Someone else was doing the same thing, by the way. It's hard work. We decided to cut through the trees and snowplow our way down a less advanced hill and cry in a heap at the bottom. Well, that's what I wanted to do.





You can see how high up we're going here