First of all, thank you to the talented and lovely Fuzzy for helping clean up my site of Mal ware. Nothing too serious but now you don't get that annoying red screen when you try to look at this blog. Thank you. Dan and I have been hibernating working a big project that I couldn't talk about until it went up. Last week was the first episode of the The Av Club's Stand Down. A animated web series where comedians share their worst stand up experiences. Dan is drawing and animating it and I'm doing the backgrounds.

Whoo we've been busy and will be until the end of summer here is the first episode, Patton Oswald. Next week. Maria Bamford!!!!

In related news, The Av Club interviewed Jon Hamm and he mentioned that he LOVED Stand Down!! Yaayyy Don Draper, you rock. http://www.avclub.com/articles/jon-hamm-shares-his-ipod-with-us-sinead-oconnor-an,82531/