Whitney visited Japan

Miss Whit came to visit and it was awesome. The first night we went for yaki niku and karaoke. She was a trooper because she had some wicked wicked jet leg. I don't have any photos from the karaoke but there is video. But I don't have permission from the participants to post it (Whitney and Dan). So if you want to see it you'll have to harass them into letting me post it. :)

Then the next day we drove to a town an hour north of us for women's sumo wresting. It was so awesome. At first I wasn't so interested. But it's actually a lot of fun to watch. I have some video of a woman from Idaho that they flew in for the event. She was huge. She didn't win but it was really interesting watching her pick up some of the little Japanese woman.

Woman of all sizes participated and there were lots of prizes. Two JETS entered and one of them got second place in the B class. Very cool.

On her third day we hiked up to Mount Hakodate. I don't have any pics from the hike, I'm sure Whitney does though. It was a beautiful day.

The fourth day I saw Whitney off on the rest of her adventure. I hope she had fun. We really enjoyed having her visit.

Oh, when she first got here we hadn't quite figured out her camera so there are videos of when we thought we were taking photos. he he


Soaking our feet in a hot foot bath.




Here she is at half mast. I think she had been up for almost 24 hours. But look at her go. Check out that mug of beer!


This was the sumo ring.


Here are the winners. Woman in the center won the tournament. She beat the lady on the left and the one on the right came in third. It was a good match.


This isn't the greatest pic of us with my forehead and Dan looking sleepy but Whitney looks cute.