Christmas Thorne rooms at the Art Institute

The Art Institute was free for the month of January. I got there in time to see the Thorne rooms decorated for Christmas. Well, a some of the rooms were "decorated" for the holidays. I don't know what I was expecting. Something more elaborate but this totally makes sense. I guess my love of miniatures made my imagination run away with me. Tiny Things! Tiny Tiny things! Side note - The Sixty-Eight Rooms' By Marianne Malone is a young adult novel about magically shrinking down the size of the rooms and exploring the worlds in each setup.

They picked a few rooms in different time periods to show how Christmas was celebrated throughout time. One of the rooms wasn't even decorated because of some political/religious reason.

I snapped shots of the ones I liked.

This is traditional English Christmas. English Drawing Room of the Victorian Period, 1840-70

The decorations are the wreath on the door and the garland on the stairs. Virginia Entrance Hall, 1751-55

Wooden shoes in front of the fireplace. French Provincial Bedroom of the Louis XV Period, 18th Century

California Hallway, c. 1940 Celebrating hanukkah with dreidel and menorah.

You can see them all here.