Jane Birkin - yes please

A couple of weeks ago Dan and I saw Jane Birkin perform a benefit concert for Japan.It. was. magical. I went not expecting much, not a die hard fan or anything. Wow. She was so charming and lovely and sweet. The music was old Serge Gainsbourg songs recomposed to work with the backing band that was from Japan. Piano, violin, trumpet, drums. So So good.

Not surprisingly there were mostly French speakers there. Also not surprising, there was a lot of B.O. During the concert if I leaned right I got B.O. if I leaned left I got petrouli. So I leaned left ( not away from you Dan just more pleasant air space)

She asked the crowd if she should speak French or English, the crowd demanded French. So we missed out on some of the banter.

I thought that during the beginning of the concert that the top button of her shirt came undone. That added a level of tension for me because I thought her shirt was going to fly open. I did see her bra but maybe that was intentional.

I left the concert in a magic bubble.