Nice little write up

I was mentioned in a review about Slurping Turtle in the Red Eye.

If you don't want to read the whole review let me give the the most important part (kidding)

Brace for cuteness. Cartoon logos can be cheesy, but I'm powerless in the presence of Tabo the turtle, created by local artist Kate O'Leary. You'll find this half-shelled cutie on the restaurant's façade and the drink menu, helping differentiate between types of sake. For the sparkling section, he's taking a bubble bath, for the bold/sophisticated section, he's donning a smoking jacket a la Hugh Hefner—hilarious. I did get a chance to check out the restaurant and the food was amazing. The traditional ramen was spot on. After I ordered it I remembered I'm not a huge fan of traditional ramen. But it was really good and the tuna sashmi and potato curry croquettes left me thinking about them for the next week. It is loud in there and there was a wait but they did take cell phone numbers and called when your table was up. I did have a chuckle at the front door, which is designed in a way that made it difficult to figure out how to open it. I was there at a rare moment when no one was coming in or out. I was like, is this a joke? come on.