Back from Seoul


As some of you may or may not know I just got back from Seoul South Korea.
Why? I had this little issue of not having a visa to stay in Japan longer than 90 days.
If you leave and come back it renews.
Technically I wasn't doing anything wrong. But I did get some hard stares from Customs officials and confused questions by airline employees. It's all good and I'm here from another 90 days.

I choose Seoul because it was the cheapest easiest country to get to from lovely Hakodate. Hakodate has one international gate and it goes to Korea. I got a deal but had to stay for five nights!

Five nights in a big city that I didn't really want to be in.
Don't start boo hooing what a terrible life I have. I know that I sound selfish or something but I really don't enjoy big cities.
I'm also not making a lot of money right now so I have to be conservative with what I do.

I lived in Chicago for seven years and I have developed opinions about cities and why I don't like them.

I like to travel to places that interest me in someway and or inspire me. I've never been that curious about Korea.

I got a Lonely Planet and started researching what would be interesting there to me.

But basically it's a big Westernized city of 10 million shoving people. The next few posts will be about my trip.