Traveling in Japan

This Canadian couple have a shop that specailizes in Scandinavian design. They took their Honeymoon to the upper tip of Hokkaido to Asahikawa. We never made it up there because it was a 9 hour drive from where we lived. It's a wonderful treasure of Scandinavian designers, collectors and craftsmen.If you have time to read through their travel posts I think you'll find it really interesting. Well, maybe really interesting if you're a geek about that stuff. I just thought it was neat that they were in Hokkaido. I certainly remember all that snow.

Below are some pictures from a private home of a collector. Professor Oda Noritsugu, or Oda-san is very well known in Japan and abroad as a master historian on Scandinavian design, writing many books on the subject and having one the of the most extensive collections of mid-century Scandinavian design in the world.

What struck me was that it's a concrete home filled with Scandinavian furniture that still manages to be warm and inviting. I often find the really Swedish homes that are all white to be too spare and sterile.

I like it when I see someones home and I want to curl up with a book in one of their chairs.