Where I stayed

Seoul Alley
The guest house I stayed in was off this alley.

Seoul GuestHouseSeoul Room_2

This is the courtyard and my room. You left your shoes on the little ledge where my bag is. All the rooms are warmed through heated floors. It was really cozy and warmer than here in Japan where we have a big kerosene heater in the main room.

Seoul Room_1
My room.

Seoul DogSeoul_GuestHouse_2.JPG

She sat out in the sun all day. The house phone is there next to her. I'm not sure how this works when is rains or snows. Maybe they bring it in.


This is a little touristy candy shop. They sing songs and make the candy in front of you. It's lots of fun.
It's a traditional court cake called Kkul Tarae (honey skein). It's made of ripened honey and malt, which was once presented to the king and valuable guests.

It's sweet and once it melts in your mouth it forms a hard block over your teeth like taffy. I got the almond flavor.