Kate and Andy Spade apartment tour

I like The Selby photo tours when they show the real living spaces of his subjects. Not just the staged to perfection, artistically styled. It makes me so happy to see a small Parisian apartment where the kitchen counter is filled with cooking oil, spices and detergent.11_4_10_andykatespadee44762 This apartment tour isn't too staged but it is decorated in a way that is relatable. 11_4_10_andykatespadee447691



I love the art on the walls that is EVERYWHERE not just what makes artistic sense. It says to me, I love this and this and this and this and I want to see it all. It also reflects how Dan and I put up art. One thought I had is that they have a full time house keeper to keep their creative clutter of photos and books from looking trashy.

It's also a unexpected design sense if you look at the Kate Spade brand. Which I love, but I would have thought it would be more spare in their living space.

11_4_10_andykatespadee44782 I like this shot of the desk, this looks like my work space on a good day. Look they have stacks of printer paper sitting on the floor too!


I'm also wondering if they took all the Disney Princess stuff and shoved it under the bed in their daughters room. You can see what looks like a Dora Explorer box in there but I don't think Kate Spades daughter is immune to the princess stuff.