Happy Birthday to me

I got to spend my birthday roaming around Seoul doing whatever I wanted.

I wandered around the arty neighborhood and found these awesome earrings.
They were my birthday present to my self.
Seoul Birthday PresentSeoul Birthday Present
They are just too perfect. The packaging was wonderful.


Then I had this. I slyly looked at the other dinners to figure out how to eat it. You crack the raw egg into the stew. Give yourself a portion of rice from the big stone bowl(it's not shown). Then pour water into your rice bowl to eat after the meal. It was good but spicy.

Then I went to a giant shopping plaza where there are all these high rise shopping malls. Tons and Tons of them. The way to the malls is lined with food stalls selling all sorts of food. I didn't feel comfortable taking photos if I wasn't buying something.
So I don't have any photos of those. I really wanted to see a movie and Blood Diamond was the next showing.

It was awesome. The ticket seller didn't speak English but we figured it out. It's assigned seating so you pick where you want to sit. I got some popcorn and settled in. I cried through a lot of it but it has a good ending. Leo is my new boyfriend.

I tried to window shop after the movie but was getting some very hostile stares from shop girls and they wouldn't let me look at things. I couldn't figure out if it was hostile shop girls in general, or anti American/Western hostile stares or maybe I wasn't cued in on proper Korean etiquette. It only really happened in smaller independent shops so I'm going with anti-Western.
A birthday girl can only take so much so I called it a night.

Thanks to Dan's family for sending a care package to Japan that had some birthday goodies for me. Pirate Booty! Grape Nuts! Candy! Tums! (it's a calcium supplement) Thanks to my parents for the gift card, I used some of it to buy dinner in Seoul!

Signed yours truly,
Kate Depp Damon Owen Farrel Fillion DiCaprio O'Leary - (Amy G., Did I forget anyone?)