vogue layout- why i love it

I was just so struck by the design and layout of everything about these spreads. Everything just works so brilliantly.vogue_layout_dec_1

I like how the S shape of her body is complimented on the right page with that crazy line of her body that is sort of a zig zag. The white background on the left makes you look at that band of white around her waist. The blue bands on the left are bright and then your eye goes to the accent blue bands on the right. And that green on the left! That one little strip is then repeated on the right. aaah.


This is about those color bands. Brilliant blue with black legs on the left. Then the opposite on the right, black then blue. The page movement is going up and the right is going down.


Static vs. movement. The negative space on the right is wonderful. She just pops off the page. That band of orange on the right is talking to that band around her neck on the left. Did I mention the negative space?

vogue_layout_dec_4 Static vs. movement again. Warm shiny satin vs. matte black. I love this one because as you eat up her silhouette on the left your eye travels down to that band of orange on the bottom of her shoe. Then you eye goes directly to those bands of orange on the right. Delicious.

vogue_layout_dec_5 This is about those blues and greens playing off each other. And Triangles. The black triangle on her shirt on the left points up to her. Her elbow on the right points back to the left. The left also has a v neck pointing down. That fur thing mimics her leg movement on the right.