Tractor Tractor

I've been helping some friends out with babysitting their four year old boy once a week for a couple of months. Man it's been fun.

I haven't spent that much time with little boys but it opened up a whole new world of inspiration. Cars, dinosaurs, trucks, trains.

I started making prints that I thought he would like. I've started with Tractors and Trains. I love the tractors and sold almost all my bags that I made.

I wanted to try a tesla pattern with the railroad tracks. The pattern came out great but the application of it didn't work out so great. I guess if you want to do a repeat like this you have to do a lot of pre-measuring and you can't just eye ball it.

I really like eyeballing it like I did for the tractor repeat. Maybe some other time I'll buckle down to try this out. repeat_tracks img_0122




I did some more Steinway dishtowels. I was experimenting with inks and not dyes. I was trying to put a lot of extender in the ink so that the feel is really soft.


Oh no, Steinway doesn't want to see it.