A couple of weeks ago we had a Holiday sale at Lill Street. People who work in the textile department sold their wares. It was great!We had paper making, felting, pin cushions, plushies and silk screening.

My table was across from Nora.

She had made these amazing log pillows.




All night long I was coveting her pillows. oh that sounds dirty. Anyway. Her sales were great and every time someone touched the big log pillow I was saying in my head "step away from that, it's mine"

I did buy it. Man that lady is talented. Look at this stitching. Brilliant. img_0119

img_0117 Look, two logs with their legs sticking out.

She and her roommate have a great blog, http://theburrowstudio.blogspot.com/

They are always collaborating on a fun little projects. Very inspiring. The first time I saw their blog my reaction was, " I want to be best friends with them". Enjoy.