Wed-Ding ding ding

Well, for some reason I was having a hard time getting reved up for wedding planning. The one thing I was and am excited about is the dress. I'm taking my mom's wedding dress and having it made into something awesome by the ladies at img_0007


After my first fitting I was tasked with finding what kind of shoe I'm going to wear. I wanted to go with the trend of wearing a fun color. Hmmm okay, look out Zappos, here I come. So I Cinderella-ed my way through these babies. I found out that four inch heels look amazing but I can't walk in them. Orange is nice and in the running. The others weren't right.


THEN I FOUND THESE SHOES. I saw them and thought they were fun. I couldn't stop thinking about them. That's always a good sign for me. If I can't stop thinking about something after a few days that's a sign I should buy it. Zappos didn't have my size in stock. So I mined the internet and I think I got the last pair in my size. I was so excited to get them. I hoped they would fit and were comfortable. and they were. I love these shoes. How am I not suppose to were them until the wedding? They have totality inspired me for the planning. 1208227-p-detailed