One Morning

From Jan 31 to Feb 7th I didn't have email. So if you emailed and didn't hear from me, that's why.

Here's one of my mornings.

This is what I see when I wake up.

Take a shower. This is interesting because it shows how we have to get hot water. See the black knob on the far right. Turn that on to open the gas. Then the right beige knob on the top of the black is pushed down and turned. As you hold that down you turn the crank directly under it and look in the window to see if you light the gas. Then slowly let the top knob up and turn in again. Then you can turn on the water.

This is the kerosene heater that heats the house. I huddle in front of it when I get out of the shower cause it's COLD.
Our bedroom is to the left there. Our laundry is hanging there too. We don't have a dryer.

The sink outside of the shower.

We have a washing machine. This is how we do laundry. You can start to see how the room fits together. The sink is on the far right, then the shower, washing machine, kitchen is beyond that and if you turn left you would see the heater and bedroom.

Breakfast. Those are Dan's Pringles not mine.

Walking to the bus.

Waiting for the bus.

On the bus.

The art supply store. It's combined with a frame shop. This is pretty common. This is the biggest on in Hakodate and it's really small but it keeps me going.

Back to work, my desk.

This is my computer desk. I was going to show the view out the window (a mountain) but it there was too much condensation.