Snail Trail

Working on the fox piece last week got me interested trying more texture to my work. I love these little snails. 


I'm back

It's just two years since my last post. No big deal. The only thing that's changed is that I had a baby. So everything has changed. Here is some artwork I'm doing as part of a workshop with Lilla Rogers. It's call Make Art That Sells. The challenge was to make a circular design based on vintage plates. 


Site update

I've been working on updating my site s l o w l y for the past couple of weeks. I just posted an animation page. I hope to add some more new work soon. :)

Coming up for air

Dan and I finished the last of the AV Club Stand down series a couple of weeks ago and I'm just catching up on a lot of things like blogging. I'm really proud of the work we did even though it was very stressful. I only had to do the backgrounds but Dan did the bulk of the hard work drawing and animating them. He spent a lot of time filling them little hidden jokes and call outs for all the comedy nerds out there. We got lots of good feedback and learned a hard lesson about reading comments ( don't read them unless you have a thick skin and a sense of humor about it all). AV club commenters are a tough audience.

Here are links to some of them. They can all be found at the Also I'm aware of how these are awkwardly embedded on my site. I'm working on a redesign.


First of all, thank you to the talented and lovely Fuzzy for helping clean up my site of Mal ware. Nothing too serious but now you don't get that annoying red screen when you try to look at this blog. Thank you. Dan and I have been hibernating working a big project that I couldn't talk about until it went up. Last week was the first episode of the The Av Club's Stand Down. A animated web series where comedians share their worst stand up experiences. Dan is drawing and animating it and I'm doing the backgrounds.

Whoo we've been busy and will be until the end of summer here is the first episode, Patton Oswald. Next week. Maria Bamford!!!!

In related news, The Av Club interviewed Jon Hamm and he mentioned that he LOVED Stand Down!! Yaayyy Don Draper, you rock.,82531/